About Me

 Updated 7-21-2018

Hey ladies & gents, my name’s Charity.

If you know me, you know I’m very outgoing and eager to meet new people, learn, and explore. I’ve got a passion for art, writing, fashion, and (trying to be) living an analysed and God-honoring life.

I grew up home schooled in a big family (with 12 siblings!) in rural Pennsylvania. When I was 16 I graduated high school and took college classes. My parents weren’t able to help pay for college, so I worked as a waitress, and worked on some side hustles to pay for college. At 19, with 2 years of Art & Design under my belt, I moved to Washington D.C. for a job at an app development company, where I’ve learned a great deal about how startups get started and what the process looks like. Last fall (November 2017) I started this blog because having a blog has been on my bucket list for a long time. I didn’t imagine then that I would have built it this far or stuck with it, but here we are!

At the start of July 2018 I moved to Austin Texas (As I write this it’s been 2 weeks here). I am still working remotely for the app development company I moved to DC for, but I’m hoping to learn and grow a lot more from a new city. Also in the next few months I hope to continue to grow this blog, to its full potential. I also started an Etsy shop in May and am hoping to grow that as well, so that I can create a passive (or semi passive) income over the next months/year.

 This Artist's Life

Long term I am undecided in what I ‘want to do when I grow up’. I feel like I have too many passions to just pick one. That being said, that is the reason for me wanting to create streams of passive income, because I know how spontaneous/easily bored I have been thus far in my life and I want to take care of myself! I do plan on going back to school fall 2019. If not to finish my Bachelors, then to take some art, business, marketing, and other classes that would interest me and grow my skill set. I’m not sure what God has for me, but I know he’s been oh so patient with me as I run around trying to figure out life.

In the next year, leading up to going back to school (if I do that after all), I’m determined to create other streams of income, no matter how small. That, and just using this next year to really learn and grow. I’m thinking about getting my real estate license for some extra security (hey I might like being a real estate agent?) but also to gain some Intel into real estate because I would like to invest in real estate when I have the capital to do it! I’ll also be attending some free classes with other entrepreneurs like myself. Not to mention just building a healthy community and networking.


(7-21-18) Top 5 Goals for 5 years from now:

  1. Have a passive income that covers all expenses.
  2. Have flipped a house.
  3. Own rental property.
  4. Be a published author.
  5. Have Traveled to a total of 20 countries (6 down, 14 to go!).



Hey ya’ll, it’s your gal Charity.


 This is just a little update to the ‘about me’ that already existed. I’ve been in Austin, TX for 1 year now, and I love it. I have no intentions of moving at this time. My goals have shifted a little from what they were last year, although I am a published author now, so I can knock that off my 5 year goal. My updated 5 year goal looks like this:

(7-29-19) Top 4 Goals for 5 years from now:

  1. Have a 40K passive/semi passive income
  2. Be debt free (aside from a possible mortgage)
  3. Have published 4 more books.
  4. Turn my Etsy shop into a viable income stream