A Covid-19 Wedding Day

A covid-19 Wedding Day | Charity Rissler Wottrich | This Artist's Life

We were supposed to get married on Memorial Day, May 25th, but because of this pandemic we had to make the difficult decision to postpone our big wedding celebration. This was hard for both of us… it didn’t seem fair to me. Something like an extravagant (or on a budget) wedding felt like a society […]

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We’re Getting Married

We're Getting Married | This Artist's Life Blog

On October 26th, my boyfriend proposed to me, and I said yes! We’re getting married on May 25th. My last blog post was a full 6 months ago, in August of this past year. Since then, so much has happened. Apart from getting engaged to the love of my life (who I call Wott) I’ve […]

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When Life Gives you Lyme

This Artists Life | When Life Gives you Lyme

There was an itchy spot on my thigh. Resist the urge to itch, it’s just a mosquito bite. Nothing a little benadryl can’t fix right? It was the end of summer 2015, and I was feeling pretty good. I was waitressing and saving money for the next school semester, running farther and faster than ever […]

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Dating Standards & How They Change

  “Your rules are ridiculous!” It was my second date with the charming personality, but something in his tone didn’t sound very charming. “Excuse me? You said you were good with my rules…?” Our first date had been lovely. I hadn’t been in the beautiful city of D.C.  for very long and I was feeling […]

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5 Things to Ask Yourself if You’re Waiting on God. 

  I have been loving my little devotional book ‘Daily Power’ by Craig Groeschel. (He’s the one who made that YouVersion bible app in case you were wondering) This past week though… The devotions have been on waiting. If you have read my blog post ‘Waiting on God: The Ultimate excuse’ or had a couple […]

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Love That Lasts

Love That Lasts: How We Discovered God’s Better Way for Love, Dating, Marriage, and Sex This book caught my eye because of the cover. If I’m being honest, I absolutely judge a book by the cover and this cover was adorable. The other thing that made me click buy on this book was the fact […]

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The Art of Arguing

  Ah yes, the holidays, so much to love. Christmas lights, carolers, hot cocoa, mistletoe hung where you can see, gifts to wrap, sitting in front of a crackling fire while stockings hang from the mantel filled with melting candies… and then there are things you look forward to but also kind of dread. Like […]

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Mastering the Dating Game

This Artist's Life | Mastering the Dating Game

  I was 5 minutes early for once. My phone buzzed. He said he’d be 15 minutes late due to traffic. Well, I guess that’s D.C. for you? I looked at the clock again again. 15 past. The thought crossed my mind, how long should a girl wait before getting up and leaving? I’d never […]

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