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Hello ladies & gents, thanks for checking out This Artist’s Life.
This is a Christian lifestyle blog that I started in November of 2017 when I published my first blog post, “Do Hard Things“. At first this blog was a place to share motivational advice, then Christian living advice, but everything changed when I published “My Spiritual History and Testimony” in August of 2018 – In which I shared with the world that I was in a cult known as The Message (otherwise known as Brahmanism). 

Writing that blog post was hard, but it gave me the courage to share my story further, and on July 10th, 2019 I published the book “Where the Willow Weeps“, the inside story of growing up in a cult and how I found freedom in Christ.


I appreciate all the positive feedback and conversations This Artist’s Life posts have started so far. Thank you everyone for your support! 

This Artist's Life | Christian lifestyle blog by Charity Rissler, author of Where the Willow Weeps


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Charity Rissler, Author of This Artist's Life and the book, Where the Willow Weeps


My name is Charity Rissler, the writer of This Artist’s Life blog, and author of the book Where the Willow Weeps.

I grew up in a homeschooled family in rural Pennsylvania, the 8th out of 13 children. From my earliest years I was raised in The Message, a legalistic, fundamentalist sect of Christianity. I followed a man who was dead long before I was born; William Branham, who I was taught and believed was the prophet for the end times. By God’s grace I was able to pick up the broken pieces and dissociate the lies about God I heard in the Message, from the reality of who He is. By God’s grace, I am free from The Message, and from my sin. 

I have found my home in Austin, TX since July, 2018. I am passionate about art and writing, and hope that I can bring God glory through those avenues.