Landscape Paintings By Charity Rissler

Landscape Paintings by Charity Rissler

I’m super passionate about painting landscape paintings. I love trying to capture the emotion of a moment in ripples in water, the clouds in the sky, or the winding of the trees… If you would like something like this in your home, send me an email and I can send you a quote! 


I want to create landscape paintings that are catered to your space and colors you want. To get a quote on a painting, I need to know 4 things from you. You can be as detailed, or vague as you want.



Here are some ways you can communicate your color scheme:

  • Tell me your color scheme if you have it.
  • Send me a picture of your space.
  • Send me a Pinterest board. 



Please send me specific measurements, or a general size idea and I can provide suggestions. Is it to hang over your bed? The couch? In a hallway?



Here are some ideas:

  • Do you have a photo of a favorite place?
  • Are there certain elements you want in the picture? i.e. birch trees, sunflowers, pine trees, mountains, etc
  • You could send me reference photos of landscapes you like.



Tell me what state or country you live in so I can include a shipping cost estimate in the quote.

Charity Rissler


If you are interested in one of the paintings you see in this portfolio, or would like to commission a painting, send me an email and I will provide you with a quote and timeline.

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