Mastering the Dating Game

This Artist's Life | Mastering the Dating Game

  I was 5 minutes early for once. My phone buzzed. He said he’d be 15 minutes late due to traffic. Well, I guess that’s D.C. for you? I looked at the clock again again. 15 past. The thought crossed my mind, how long should a girl wait before getting up and leaving? I’d never […]

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“I’m Waiting on God” The Ultimate Excuse

I have heard countless sermons about waiting, here are a few things that are tagged as good things to wait for: Intervention in tough situations Direction for your life ‘Opening doors’ God’s ‘perfect’ timing Looking for ‘the one’ Job decisions Looking for a ‘sign’ “Have Patience. Keep on waiting.” Waiting…? I think this is ridiculous. […]

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Do Hard Things

I stood on the edge of the mini cliffs where the waterfall cascaded into the natural pool below. ‘Only 25 feet’ might as well have been a mile for me. My hands started shaking, a knot was forming in my stomach, and the noise of the waterfall was drowned out by the sound of my […]

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