Painting some Perspective

This Artist's Life | Painting some Perspective

One of my hobbies is acrylic painting. I love to spend several hours, listening to music and watching a blank canvas transform into a glorious landscape. Grant it, it never looks quite as I pictured in my mind when I’m done, nor am I always completely satisfied with it, for that reason I do appreciate […]

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When Life Gives you Lyme

This Artists Life | When Life Gives you Lyme

There was an itchy spot on my thigh. Resist the urge to itch, it’s just a mosquito bite. Nothing a little benadryl can’t fix right? It was the end of summer 2015, and I was feeling pretty good. I was waitressing and saving money for the next school semester, running farther and faster than ever […]

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Not Just Where the Wind Blows

This Artist's Life | Not Just Where the Wind Blows

My two weeks with family on the East Coast which started in Pennsylvania and ended up in The Outer Banks of North Carolina came to a close yesterday. If you don’t know, I have 12 siblings, 4 siblings in law, and 2 nephews and 1 niece. My family is scattered about between Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia […]

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Stewarding Time & Choosing Focus

This Artist's Life | Stewarding time | Choosing Focus

  As I write this, I am awaiting boarding for my flight to visit my family back on the East Coast. My flight was delayed 3 hours, so I’m sitting in a little airport cafe and despite the overpriced half finished coffee in front of me, I am so tired. So mentally, physically, and emotionally […]

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Finding Myself in the Storm

“What’s your name again?” Have you ever met someone for the fourth or fifth time, and you just cannot seem to remember their name? The first few times it was okay to ask them to remind you, but then… You just stopped asking, because it’s embarrassing to admit you don’t remember.

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5 Things to Ask Yourself if You’re Waiting on God. 

  I have been loving my little devotional book ‘Daily Power’ by Craig Groeschel. (He’s the one who made that YouVersion bible app in case you were wondering) This past week though… The devotions have been on waiting. If you have read my blog post ‘Waiting on God: The Ultimate excuse’ or had a couple […]

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Why Church Going isn’t All That

This Artist's Life | Why Church Going isn't all that

  Just because someone goes to church doesn’t mean they’re a Christian. No, duh. This we’ve heard before, truer still, is just because someone isn’t a church goer, that doesn’t mean they’re not a Christian. Going to church shouldn’t be an indicator of someone’s faith in Jesus. Sure, someone going to church does imply that […]

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Success: Measured By a Day

This post was supposed to be about success, but getting into it I realized how abstract the word success is. It means different things to different people. To me, success means you stopped wishing, and started being proactive about making your dreams a reality. It means you wanted to do something so you did.  Simply […]

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Power of Prayer vs Power of God

I started this blog post over two weeks ago knowing exactly what to write. I soon found however, that my writings looked like the rantings of a prayer skeptic vs an analyzed argument. I’m not against prayer, but I have seen some people take it to a whole level that I can’t fully appreciate or […]

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The New Year’s Resolution Scam

New year’s is coming so of course I thought oh! New year’s resolutions are a FANTASTIC blog topic! Immediately after thinking it however, I realized how cliché and mundane that topic would be. Seriously?! New Year’s Resolutions….?! Some do ‘em some don’t. ‘I’ll cut out chocolate from my diet!’ ‘I’ll exercise everyday!’ ‘I’ll never argue […]

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